Change Facebook Background Colour and Fonts

Change your Facebook color:-

Facebook is world largest social networking site most of internet user have Facebook profile, and many people feel bored from static facebook’s blue and white color combination, now we can change these color, for the PC user there are simple Add-ons / browser Extension.
These are light extension, which will not affect the browser load speed and you can enjoy the different variations of the Facebook and customize them as according to your own choice.

Colourful FB logo

Change Facebook color on Firefox by Simple method:-

The Firefox users can only change background color from white to any other color option available. Till now there is no option to change blue but it may change it future, developers are working for this. But now you can see Facebook in other background then follow steps mentioned below 
  • Click on Firefox icon  
  • Start Firefox and follow This link to get to the extension. 
  • Click on “+ Add to Firefox” and after some time the extension will get added to the Firefox. 
  • Restart the firefox.
  • Start Facebook account and you can change background by accessing that extension from the icon located at bar at bottom.
It is fun to have different FB background color especially for those people which are fad up of monotonous colour, Enjoy different Facebook Background Colour.

Change Facebook color For Chrome Users:-

  • Click on Google Chrome  icon
  • Start Google Chrome and follow This link, It will lead you to an app 
  • Now you need to install the app on your Google Chrome. 
  • Click on “+ FREE” button at the top right corner and this app will be added on your Google Chrome Browser. 
  • Restart your Chrome browser. 
  • Open your Facebook account in Chrome browser In the search bar of Chrome at right side corner, you’re going to find a ‘F’ logo, then click that logo. 
  • A sub menu will open up and you can easily change the color of the Facebook to any other.Change color of your Facebook, You can even change the font of Facebook and complete theme.
One thing i want to say about this Add-ons; this is Simple and effective, easily customization for the user and changes the Facebook Background Colour.

Change Facebook color For Opera Browser:-

Recently Opera also has customization option with Extension, 
Click here to get colorful opera Theme.