Free Calling From Internet to Phone Number in India

Free Calling Internet to phone: 

Sometime we don’t have enough balance to Call Someone, but if you have internet Data pack activated in your mobile or you have internet connection in your Computer; this article surely help you to do the free call in any Number to all over the India.
You Just have to follow the given steps and enjoy the free calling from the internet.

1. Activate the internet, open the browser and Go to the
2. Register for Your new account, fill the form with the date the site is asking about.
Free call india
3They will send the secret password to your mobile number and put the number and password to login in your account.

4. Now you can change this password according to your choice, your password should be between 5-20 Characters.

Free call india1

5. After doing all the things you can enter in your account.
6. Now you can select the option SEND SMS
From Here you can send Text SMS, Voice SMS and live voice call.

Free call india2

7. For calling select live voice call and dial the Number in which you want to call

Dialer pad

8. After dialing Click or Tap on call.
After few second you will receive a call and you and can talk to person of your choice.

free call india

Enjoy the free Calling

1. This service is only available for India
2. You can only make 20 calls per day and each call cannot be extend more than 120 second.
If you face any problem related to this service you can contact on
E-Mail :
Phone Support: 011-30130122

Other options for calling free worldwide

There are few sites offering free minutes without any registration directly to mobile from internet, my favorite are
Call2Friends has made it possible for you to make VOIP free or low-cost international high-quality calls (to India, China, USA & other countries).

By this site you can talk with anyone anywhere in the world, using our just a web browser. No additional plug-ins, credit cards, sluggish design, marketing hype. It is very easy to call, just like making a normal call with your favourite phone. just simple and pure calling purpose.

*Websites are offering the free call for very limited period of time (from 1 minute to 5 munutes)