Best Social Media Widget for Blogger

Social Media Widget:-

Social media connectivity in your site is necessary to stay connected with your site visitors/ followers and increase your page views and ranking, It is also necessary to have a short and optimized codes for the widget, which can influence the SEO positively.
Here are some Simple and attractive Social Media widget for blogger, all the widgets are offering different kinds of feature and effects, these widgets can easily integrated with blogspot blog.  
  • To implicate these Widgets first, 
  • Click on the Layout option 
  • Choose Add a Gadget option Where you want add the Social Media widget; From the List Select HTML/JavaScript Option. 
  • And add any widget code from the following list of Widget(Code is given below). 

Simple Social media Widget:- 

This is simple widget which do not increase your page load speed, it has link for all the major social media sites. This is simple but effective to enhance your social media presence and connectivity. 

    Social media widget with Hover Effect:- 

This is also Simple widget like above one, but it has hover effect means when cursor move over a particular social media icon, it shows the actual color of icon.

  • Aggregate Social media Widget: 

It is kind of integrated social media widget where e-mail subscription, Facebook like button and social media page link integrated in single widget, this can save you from using different widget which are going to increase your page load speed.


Replace all the links of Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc accounts with your link address.
If you know HTML/CSS, you can easily edit the colour text style etc.