How to Make Pen Drive Bootable

Make USB Drive Bootable:-

A Bootable USB drive is required basically to install Operating System with the help of Pen drive and also used to recover and repair the data. There are two ways of making bootable USB, first one is through command prompt and another one is by using the Software, we tried to explain both the ways of making bootable pen drive.

Create Bootable USB in PC using Command Prompt:-

Using command prompt is a best secure method to boot your USB device, there is no need of installing any third party application to boot your device. let's have a look over the steps.
  • Insert a Pendrive and format it in your Computer
  • Search or Press Home button + X to open "Command prompt"
  • Type diskpart and enter user account control ask to run new command prompt in a new tab
Screenshot PD

  • In this new tab type list disk it will show the list of disk like Disk 0, Disk 1.
  • Now below type Select disk=X ( X may be 0, 1, 2 Number of your USB Drive) and Press Enter

Screenshot PD

  • It will show Disk X is now the Selected Disk.
  • Now just type clean and Enter to clean up your Pendrive
  • Now we need to create a new partition so just type create part pri and press enter.
  • Now type select part 1 and again press Enter
  • We need to format it again so type format fs=ntfs quick and press Enter ( To format the partition as FAT32, type format fs=fat32 quick )
  • Now just type active and Click Enter
Screenshot PD
  • Its final step just type exit and then press Enter
Note- Don't Remove your USB drive from your computer during the booting process.

Boot in PC using Software

Above steps can be very technical to many people, so here is a software to simply Boot your pen drive. at first, you have to Download Rufus; and install it in your PC, Choose your USB device and click in start.
It will quickly boot your pen drive within seconds, Now you can use your USB for installing the Windows in any compatible PC.

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