How to Use Pendrive as RAM

If your RAM is not sufficient for some specific task such as Gaming or running any Software; you can temporarily increase your RAM by Using your USB drive, here is a simple method to follow. This will be a virtual RAM, Which will not actually RAM but acts as a RAM.

In Windows XP :-

  • Connect your pen drive (minimum of 2GB) to computer and format it.
  • After that right click on the My computer and click properties. Advanced Tab> Performance>Advanced > Virtual Memory > Custom size (Can be extended maximum to the size of your pen drive).
  • Click OK or Apply and Restart your computer.

In Windows 7/8/10 :-

Windows screenshot
  • Connect your pen drive (minimum of 2GB) to computer and format it.
  • Click on your Pen Drive Properties
  • After that Click on Ready Boost Option
  • Select “Use This Device” for the Speed up your system by utilizing the available space on this device.
  • After that click on apply Restart your computer for the changes to take effect and your Pen drive is ready to work as RAM.
Points of Consideration:-
  • USB 2.0 is limited to 30-40 MB/s transfer-speed so it may slower so You can get better results with USB 3.0 that is 10 times faster.
  • Use Branded USB Drive otherwise it may crash.
Edited information (August 2016):- Bandwidth of a RAM vary from 1 GB/s to 10 GB/s. Whereas, the USB can have a maximum bandwidth of 20-50 MB/s for USB 2.0 and 100-150 MB/s for USB 3.0; So practically it is not so effective way to improve the overall performance of the system.
Instead of using Pen drive as RAM, it will be better to install New RAM in CPU which will definitely improve the performance of the PC, nowadays price of new RAM is also quite affordable.