How to Backup Data in Android Phone

Backup Android devices

The data in Android phone is always not in safe condition, so it’s always a good decision to backup all your important Data. if we don't backup our Android data it will be impossible to restore it in case we lost our mobile or factory reset the phone. You can create a backup of your data in different ways. Here are some easiest ways to backup your data. choose a most feasible way to store and backup your data.
Backup Android

Backup by Gmail Sync

Sync data with your Gmail account is a ready-made method to backup your Contacts, Photos, Calendar, App data.  Sync option is available in Setting > Accounts and Sync.
It saves your data in Google Server can be accessed by your Gmail account.

Contact Export/ Import

This is always the quickest way to backup your contacts. Just go to Contacts > Press ok/Option > Export to SD Card. It saves your contacts in .vcf format. In case later you can import your Contacts.

Backup by Using the Applications

1. Titanium backup-
By this app you can backup, restore and freeze the applications and it gives facility to browse any apps data and detailed information about the app. Sync to/from Google Drive, Convert user apps to system apps and vice versa. For here you can download Titanium BackupBefore using this app you needed to root your phone know how to root Android Phone.

2. Super Backup-
This app is designed for the multiple data backup system. This app provides the backup system for Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar and Bookmarks, SMS conversations; everything can be backed up in the SD card or Gmail account. By using this app you can also schedule the timings for the Backup. Download Super Backup.
You can save your backup data in two ways 1. Online by sync / Cloud Storage, 2. Offline (Memory card, Pen drive, Hard disk). So never lose your precious data and backup right now. 

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