How to Secure Browser by Master Password

Browser Security Master Password:-

If you are not aware of using Master password in your Browser you may fall in serious threat of stealing your password. It is very easy to access the password from your browser. So if your PC is not in safe hands anyone can use your password and it may be misused. So it’s better to prevent any future stealing problem. Here we described some of easiest ways to protect from such kind of threats.

Mozilla Firefox Master Password Protection:-

Master password security in Firefox is far better than Google Chrome because it has in build Master password protection which can be easily implicated.
Check your saved password – Go to the menu of Firefox and click on option > Security > Saved Password
It will show your all saved password
Protect your all saved password – Go to Firefox menu > Click on option > Security > Mark “Use a master password”
After using a master password browser will ask every time for this password for using any saved password account.

Google Chrome Master Password Protection:-

While according to internet data sources the Google chrome is most widely used internet browser, but for Master password feature is not available in its browser. Anybody can see your saved password by just going Setting and password, you can check these password list by just typing chrome://settings/passwords in place of url.
For protecting password in Google Chrome there are two ways.
insecure browser passwords
Insecure Passwords

Disable auto password save
Click on Chrome menu > Settings > search for Passwords and forms > Unmark the option “Offer to save your web passwords”

Use chrome extension
This extension help to save your password securely, you can access all your entered password just by login for an account in LastPass Free Password Manager.
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