How to join Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Why Snapdeal Online Shopping Affiliate:

Snapdeal is One of Most Popular online shopping site in India. Their relatively low prices in many categories attract customers for buying from the site. While it launches its affiliate program in November 2013 but not get popular, so recently they improve their affiliate program system. 
Till now Snapdeal pays highest affiliate commission to its affiliate partners, so if you are planning to join any online shopping affiliate site its worth to join Snapdeal.

Snapdeal Commission payments:

For Content partners:
     Electronic Categories - 10% of the Sale (maximum ₹ 1250)
     All Other Categories - 20% of the (maximum of ₹ 1250)

For shopping partners:
     Electronic Categories - 2.5% of the Sale (maximum of ₹ 2500)
     All Other Categories - 12% of the Sale (maximum of ₹ 400)

Edit: Snapdeal updated their affiliate commission share for the publisher, now it is hard to earn money from the Snapdeal affiliate because they are now offering only 0.1% to 1.0% affiliate commission, which is quite low if you are promoting the Snapdeal products. Check latest commission rates

Steps to join Snapdeal Affiliate:

1. Go to
2. Click on Be an Affiliate under Snapdeal Business
3. Now new page will open in new tab, Click on sign up for Free
4.  Fill the Account Details, User Details and Your web address.
5.  Check your mail Snapdeal will send Confirmation message to your e-mail address.

How to create link in Snapdeal referral link:

1. Go to and sign in with your e-mail and password.
2. Now your dashboard will be shown to you.
4. Click on My account > Billing > Edit your complete billing Detail
3.  After that Click on Offers
4. Now click on Snapdeal Affiliate Campaign (Under ID 16)
5.  You will see a link under “Your Tracking Link”
Example -

6.  Now Choose a Product to Promote in Your website Such as

Above is link of Apple I-Phone 5S

7. Now referring this phone from your site just put the link like

Note – Before using the Snapdeal affiliate once Read all terms and condition carefully at Affiliate condition of Snapdeal and also Check FAQ.