Must Know Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows keyboard Shortcuts:-

Windows is widely used OS worldwide more than 80% computer devices are running in Windows. So most of people are using it, hence it is necessary to learn some basic and frequently used shortcut to make it easy to handle the task.
Here in this article we have collected some of the often used keyword shortcuts, have a look over these shortcuts are copy them in your brain.

Frequently used keyword shortcuts

Copy an item:- Ctrl + C
Cut item:- Ctrl + X
Paste item:- Ctrl + V
Undo an action:- Ctrl + Z
Redo:- Ctrl + Y
Select all:- Ctrl + A
Print the page:- Ctrl + P

Other Important Windows Keyboard Shortcut

Switch between open windows

You can directly go to any application running in your desktop.

Minimize all

Minimize all the applications in taskbar and Show the desktop.
Windows logo key +D


Minimize the running window.
Windows logo key +Down Arrow

Minimize and maximize

Minimize and Compare two different windows.
Windows logo key +Left Arrow or Right Arrow

Second Screen

Choose a presentation display mode in Second screen.
Windows logo key +P

Search Computer Files

Search for Applications, files and folders.
Windows logo key +F


Direct run the programs such as cmd for the Command prompt for running, winword for the Microsoft Word.
Windows logo key +R

File Explorer

Windows Explorer accesses your all local disk of your PC.
Windows logo key + E

Window Mobility Center

It is shortcut to access the features like Device manager, Computer management, Command prompt, volume control, brightness and battery options to change their settings quickly.
Windows logo key+ X

Create new folders

The keyboard shortcut for creating new folder in desktop or in another folder.
Shift + Ctrl + N

Ease of Access Center

It makes your PC easier to use & can control features such as narrator, on screen Keyboard.
Windows logo key + U

Minimize all Application

To be used to minimize all windows to the taskbar and Go directly to desktop.
Windows logo key + M

Minimize all Application except One

It minimizes all the windows except the one which you are currently running.
Windows logo key + Home

Check running application’s Location

Allows you to find the File location of running task or application.
Ctrl + O

Delete Permanently-

If you feel lazy in cleaning the files from Recycle bin than you can permanently delete selected Files and Folder just by pressing.
Shift + Delete