Top Best Free Android Apps for Photo-Editing

Android Apps for Photography Lovers:-

Today’s generation is obsessed with selfies and taking photographs of their surroundings to share it with friends on social platforms. Be it a road trip, eating food at a restaurant or be it the first drops of the monsoon, no moment is complete till it hasn’t been captured in the form of photographs. 

Thanks to technology and smartphones which sport decent cameras, it is now possible to capture any moment and share it instantly. Here are a few apps for photography and selfie lovers that you should download to better enhance your photography experience:

  • PicsArt Photo Studio

This is one of the most downloaded apps and has crossed over 200 million downloads worldwide. The app brings powerful editing tools that help you transform your photos into a work of art. The app gives you the features of a camera, collage maker, photo editor as well as a studio to let your creativity flow. Editing photos is extremely simple and you can easily crop, rotate and adjust photos as well as add hundreds of filters and frames to give your photographs a whole new look. You can instantly share photos on Facebook, Twitter and email through the app itself. It’s a great app to have fun with the pictures you take!

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

Editing photos on the go was never this much fun thanks to this app.  Other than the basic fixes such as crop, rotate and flipping photos, you also get access to tools that help you adjust the contrast, brightness, exposure and light balance. You can fix red eyes in no time as well as remove dust and spots from photos. Make your pictures come alive by adjusting the tints and temperature of the photo and sharpen any photo in a jiffy. Apply filters and borders as well as enhance images which look “grainy”. This photo editing app will surely keep you busy for hours!

  • Photo Collage Editor

A collage is a great way to combine photos and look back at fond memories all in one photograph. With the Photo Collage Editor, you can now make beautiful collages in no time. Get access to over 120 frames you can play around with and you can easily change borders and patterns as well. With easy gestures, you can resize and adjust photos and place them where you want. You can add additional stickers and texts in case you want to add speech bubbles to your collage and bring out the creativity. It’s a great app to celebrate many of life’s moments all at once!

  • Google Photos

This is a great app to store all your photographs and media in one location which you can access anywhere, anytime. The app allows you a powerful search tool that helps you search images by people and places and even things that appear in your photographs.  You can back up data and media by opting for unlimited space on the cloud or go in for 15GB space for original size photographs through your Google Account. It’s an easy tool to sort out and keep photos in an organised manner so that you can access them on the go and can edit them without a fuss too!

  • Photo Background

This is a fun app that lets you add a whole new dimension to your photographs. The app allows you to cut photos and apply them to a range of backgrounds. You can easily cut out photographs and trim the edges to fine tune the image quality. You can then pick from a variety of backgrounds to enhance your photos. Be it a waterfall, desert or iconic buildings and monuments, you can now easily transform your images that will surely get people intrigued and will give your photos a whole new angle. 

Get these top photography apps that help you edit and fix images and make collages and add backgrounds with just a few taps. They’re a good time pass as well as a fun way to enjoy the photographs you capture!