Trend of Smart Watches in Vogue

Smartwatch Era:-

Gone are the days when our ex-generation used to wear watches to see time, or at the most have a rough idea about the magnetic directions. In fact, with the launch of smartphones, there came a time when people either didn’t feel the necessity to wear a watch or if ever they would, that would just be a show off thing!  
Both Android and iOS offer smart watch compatibility with smartphones. Though the Apple smart watches occupy the major chunk of the gadget marketplace, it gets a close competition from Samsung, Motorola and Huawei Android gear wears. However, a Samsung smart watch has more popularity and versatility than an Apple smart watch. 

What a Smartwatch can offer? 

You can use these watches to track time, get instant updates of notifications (including Facebook and Hangouts), manage calendars and alarms, track activities (like Google Fit) and manage various other productivity essentials (like Evernote, IFTTT and Reminders). They are also equipped with ‘Open on Phone’ (or the same functioning ‘Handoff’ feature in Apple). ‘Communication, fitness, time and information’, were the four things for which these smart watches were created. 

Apple Smartwatch is an incredibly designed elegant and compact watch, which can instantly deceive any person with its looks. The watch is loaded with features like Pedometer and Heart rate monitor, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi that supports the latest iOS 9.0.2. The basic version was packed with too many cons and the newer Apple Watch Sport, doesn’t show any major improvement. It is available in two choices, that is, 38mm and 42 mm display size and various metallic colour options. Some cons about apple watches are: poor battery life, no search engines, requires iPhone 5 or later, and more than anything else, it is expensive! These smart watches range from Rs. 22, 000 to Rs. 25, 000

Samsung Gear S has a screen size of 2 inches and comes equipped with sensors like accelometer, gyrometer, compass, proximity, barometer, heart rate and UV light and all other features of the Apple Smart Watch. It works with all Android Kitkat version smartphones. However, unlike Apple, it lacks on proper e-mailing and social media support. 
After the launch of its first version, the Samsung has lined up the market with series of watches like Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Neo 2 and Samsung Gear Live. These smart watches range from Rs. 9, 000 to 23, 000
Looking at the weightage of pros and cons of usability of smart watches, a study reveals that customers are more interested in buying cheap smart watches  with somewhat similar or probably better features and specifications than the popular brands. So buy one with a facility of Snapdeal and get good discount today! Other popular smart watches are: Pebble Time (with both Android and iPhone compatibility), LG Watch Series, Sony Smart watch 2, Casio G Shock, Spice Smart Plus, Burg 9 to 14 Smart Watch Series, I’m Watch and Moto 360. 

Usability of Smartwatches

Using smart watches would depend on person to person. For some, the fingers may be too big to handle the small touchscreen platform and for others it may just be a satellite accessory if the person doesn’t want to take out his or her smartphone from pocket too often. has excellent coupons on smart watches try these coupons today. In general, smart watches are still under its primitive designing stage and would require lots of add on and modifications to make it more user friendly and more compatible with every person. Some to-be-launched smart watches are Asus Zen Watch 2 and the Tag Heuer’s debut smart watch.