Cool and Secret WhatsApp Tricks

Secret WhatsApp Tricks:-

WhatsApp is the Worlds Most Downloaded app in Google Play Store having more than 1 Billion+ users worldwide. This app is available for all the Popular mobile Platform. There are many Secret WhatsApp Tricks. 
There are two kinds of tasks some are just tips to use the less known features and other are tricks i.e. something different from default features. Some tricks are really awesome to use check one by one, In this post we Tried to enlist some important and useful tips and tricks.

  • Disable Blue Tick/Read receipts (Tips)

Open WhatsApp and tap three vertical dots icon on the top right.
Now go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

Uncheck Read receipts.

  • Activate WhatsApp Wikipedia (Tricks)

Add this number +91 9043006804 or +919043005956 to your contact 
Create a group named whatever you want e.g. Wikipedia
Now post anykeywork in group about which you want information.
For example if you want Cricket information and news try to search Wiki Cricket, you can try different other keywords like Wiki India,Wiki Bollywood etc.

  • Use different Text style in WhatsApp (Tricks)

For Bold *hi*
For Italics _hi_
For Strikethrough ~hi~

For bold & italic  _*hi*_
for bold & strikethrough  *~hi~*  or  ~*hi*~
for italic & strikethrough  _~hi~_  or  ~_hi_~

  • Change the WhatsApp chat Background (Tips)

You can choose the background to appear in this window by going to wallpaper option in chat menu. And if you don’t like your Chat background, then you also have the option to add any image as background which is in your Android device.
In short: Setting > Chats > Wallpaper

  • Make back-ups of your WhatsApp conversations (Tips)

If your WhatsApp conversations are important to you, it's a good idea to make backups of them so you don't lose them if there's a problem with the app. To do this, go to the Settings menu, choose 'Chat preferences' then click on the Chat history backup option.
In short: Setting > Chats > Chat Backup

  • Restore Deleted messages (Tips)

The messages deleted by someone can be obtained by transferring the msgstore.db.crypt file to some other phone and restored in other phone’s Whatsapp.
Whenever you backup with Google Drive it can be accessible again through any device by sign in from your gmail account, and restore them in WhatsApp.

  • Send WhatsApp conversation history to anyone (Tips)

>Open the Conversation
>Click on the Menu
>Now go to ‘More‘ and select ‘Email Conversation‘, before entering the address of the recipient.

>Now Whatsapp will create an email with the whole text conversation, including any pictures, voice or video clips.

  • Block Last seen Feature (Tips)

The ‘Last seen’ feature of Whatsapp can be blocked by Click on Menu > Setting > Account > Privacy and Choose the Options from "Everybody", "My Contacts", "Nobody".

  • Broadcast a WhatsApp message to many contacts (Tips)

If you need to quickly get a message out to more than one person at once, the easiest way to do this is to 'broadcast' a message in WhatsApp. Just select the 'Broadcast message' option in the More menu and select the contacts you want to send it to. Now type your message and hit 'Send'.

  • Share PDF and Other file on Whats App (Tricks)

With  installing Cloud Send and Dropbox and link cloudsend with dropbox  people can share PDF, APK, ZIP and DOC file on Whatsapp.

If You are aware about more WhatsApp Cool Tips and tricks please comment down so we can share it with other people.