Best Free Online Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage:-

Cloud storage is the storage of data in multiple server networks under the hosting Company. Main benefit of Cloud storage is you need not to keep physical storage such as Hard disk with you and data can be accessed from any point where you can access the internet. as internet reducing the communication gap between different countries. Online storage can be helpful for sending your files/documents to other person.
Most of the Cloud Storage service provider offers a limited Data for free to its user, and we found Google cloud is best and highest free paying website you can access the google cloud storage with your gmail account at
However there are many option nowadays for storing online, you can find hundreds of Cloud storage sites over internet but few are reliable.
Comparison of Best Cloud Storage Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google drive


  • Free Data Storage = 2GB
  • Storage = 100 GB
  • Yearly Price = $99*
  • Available Platform =  Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices
  • Feature = 500 MB Free/ Referral
It is one of the widely used online storage having simple UI, The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synchronized with Dropbox's Internet service and to any other of the user's computers and devices with the Dropbox client. Dropbox is a reliable online data backup service that lets you access and share files from almost any computer or mobile device.

Google Drive:
  • Free Data Storage = 15 GB
  • Storage = 100 GB
  • Price = $ 4.99/Month*
  • Available Platform = Android, I-Phone, Mac.
  • Feature = Integrated with Google Apps
As we already said Google Drive is our personal for the common people; It offers the most pleasing interface, the search feature is brilliant and the new grid view lets you quickly browse your stored files visually. Perhaps it is one of the highest free storage provider you can easily save your all the crucial files in Google drive. It’s worth noting that upgrading to any paid account with Google Drive will automatically bump your Gmail storage to 25GB. Access free drive from the Google.

Sky Drive:

  • Free Data Storage = 5 GB
  • Storage = 100 GB
  • Yearly Price = $ 50*
  • Available Platform Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone devices
  • Feature = Integration with other Microsoft offerings
This service is controlled and managed by windows, if you are using windows OS in your PC, The integration with live drive can be easy and helpful. Unzip the ZIP file that Take-out gave you, and just use "drag and drop" on your computer to move it into SkyDrive. SkyDrive web app let user access files and folders of all his other computer right from within his browser.

* Company may change the price time to time