OnePlus 4 : Expected Official Specifications

OnePlus is one of Newest Company which is directly in competition with well established smartphone brands like hTC, Samsung, Sony, LG etc.
This brand equally praised by the Asian, American and European users. This is popular because OnePlus is offering Flagship features with quality in less than half of the price of Tier 1 brands Flagship phone. 
Here we are keenly observing the features and customer response of OnePlus models. Company smartly launch only a single phone every year with full of impressive specs. 
However in 2015 company launched One Plus X along with OnePlus 2, Which was lesser in price with cutting some specs. But later CEO Pete Lau confirmed that his company's more affordable offering, the OnePlus X, will not launch any successor model in future.
Lau said that "OnePlus will instead focus on just one True flagship line from now on in order to strengthen its foundation" something that Lau admitted his team neglected last year, rather than fighting the low-end price war. It is clear from the statement that OnePlus is Not going to launch any low budget phone as mid range or entry level.
So here in this article on the Basis of previous handset Models we are estimating the features of OnePlus 4. These feature can be later changed by Company during official Launch of OnePlus 4.

OnePlus 4 Expected Features:-

Mob/Feat.OnePlusOnePlus 2OnePlus 3OnePlus 4
Display 5.5 inch
5.5 inch
5.5 inch
5.7 inch
Operating SystemAndroid KitKatAndroid LollipopAndroid MarshmallowAndroid Nougat
ProcessorSnapdragon 801Snapdragon 810Snapdragon 820Snapdragon 823
3/4 GB RAM
Camera13|5 MP13|5 MP16|8 MP21|8 MP
Battery3100 mAh3300 mAh3000 mAh3500 mAh

We Wish OnePlus 4 Should Have

  • Default Pre-installed FM Radio. 
  • Waterproof and Dust-proof Body.
  • Slot for expendable storage.
  • Multiple Colour option to choose from.
  • Better sound quality from the speaker (Possibly Atmos Dual Speaker)

Our Observation about OnePlus Series

This is noticeable that from the first launch of OnePlus to recent one, Company didn't change it display size and resolution. Screen is adhere to 5.5 inches (FHD) but in OnePlus 4 we are expecting some modification in Size from 5.5 inches to 5.7 inches and resolutions from 1080p to 1440p.
There is no support for External SD card, Many customer want to have a phone with card slot but till now OnePlus is ignoring this demand. we hope OnePlus 4 will Provide External SD card support
The OnePlus brand has global approach, if we analyse its popularity on google, as a new company it has impressive marketing and fan base.
The popularity of the OnePlus is continuously increasing on Google the peak values shows the Launching time of a particular model.  
The Alexa visitor distribution shows, Brand is equally popular worldwide in Asia, Europe and America as well.
As Samsung recently launched a great device Galaxy Note 7, Which have everything a user can expect from a flagship phone, and i wish Next year OnePlus will also release OnePlus 4 with innovation and perfect combination of quality, design and budget.