Why Nokia 3310 Relaunched by the Company : Emotional Connection

In the Starting of 21st Century, Nokia was Leader in Mobile market, About 70-80% phone were alone shipped by This Company. But later after the Launch of Android OS Nokia decided to stick with Symbian and then moved to Windows Phone OS, that was actually ridiculous decision and soon Microsoft bought the company and again Nokia was not able to gain a momentum or any kind of expected popularity. But now in 2017, Nokia launched Smartphone with Android.
But why they are also launching Nokia 3310 a Basic phone with 15-20 year old features. There is a reason, People still feel connected to Nokia and have huge trust on the brand, they have their own memories with Nokia phones, and Company also knows that if they Relaunch Old phone it will make people more emotionally connected to the Brand.

What this handset is offering:-

2017 version of Nokia 3310 has 2.4 inches display with physical Keypad. All the features are just as a basic mobile phone.To taking the snap there is 2 MP primary camera but no option for selfies lovers. There is only 16 MB internal memory which is even insufficient for a 320kbps single track however in the SD Card slot you can insert the card up to 32 GB.

You cannot use 3G, 4G or Wifi in this handset although you can easily tune your favorite radio station without the help of internet connection. Files can be transferred through the Bluetooth. You can also use two SIM card simultaneously in this handset. 

There is only 1200 mAh battery and you can easily remove it, although the battery power in mAh is looking quite low, but it can provide standby battery backup of 744 hours, That's Amazing.

And if you are very choosy about the colors there are many variants available like Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy) and Grey (Matte). And it is expected to release in May 2017 with around 3000 Rupees. 

This is all about the Latest Nokia 3310 (2017) what is your opinion about this phone tell us in the comment box. 


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