GOQii Fitness Tracker Band with Personal Coaching

It is Ecosystem based Fitness band and Health tracker that measures your Heart Rate and Heart Care Experts help you understand your Heart. It is comprising of 5 elements. The Band Tracks your steps, sleep time, heart rate, distance and sync with the app to send data to your coach. Where the coach is backed by Health experts/Doctors they will give you health and nutrition advice based on your health goals. 

Key Specs offered by the GOQii Fitness Tracker:-

So Basically this band tracks all the crucial information like footsteps, sleep time, heart rate, distance and save them in the app server. The personal coaches analyze the data and based on the information they will give you the advice to be better and achieve your health goals. in the case of any confusion, these coaches are also backed by the MBBS/MD to offer the best health solution for you.
This whole system works in the 5 steps. in the First level, the Band Tracks the important Data which is backed by the Smartphone App sync all the data and send them to next level that is Coach, which is backed by the Experts, In next level the data is tracked and analysed so you will get Get medical counsel from qualified Doctors. The whole prior data is securely saved in the cloud storage for the reference in the future. In the last and final stage, your steps get converted into Karma points which get donated to some NGO. 

GOQii Fitness Tracker is multi-functional band Tracks steps, distance featuring active time, Karma score and Auto sleep detection. While wearing it in the hand you will get different kinds of Notifications like Caller ID, SMS & Whatsapp alerts, Alarms and coach notifications. It also has Large OLED Clear, responsive & intuitive Display. This device doesn't require separate charger as integrated charger present there. Its battery runs for 7 days in single charge. After analyzing the data, qualified physician MBBS/MD will be available for a medical consult along with your personal coach to design the right path for your health. This Tracker is Available Online in very Reasonable price.


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