D3D D8810 Best Affordable Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Camera with Memory Card

If You are searching for Surveillance Camera under affordable price range which is offering all the crucial features required in a typical CCTV Camera then have a look over the D3D D8810. It comes up with 1280×720 HD video recordings with 25fps, It also supports 360-degree rotation so you can monitor every corner of your house, shop or hotel. D3D D8810 is very easy to install and use Just plug the wire into the power source and you can see live views of your home or wherever you have installed the Camera. 

Features of D3D D8810 CCTV Camera

This CCTV Camera has both the most demanding features expected by a customer First, It supports wifi connectivity so you can monitor a place without tangling with wires. Second, This gadget also supports a slot for Memory card up to 128 GB. The HD camera module has Night Vision up to 10 meter that is enough to detect the things even in the night. 

As it is already said that this device supports 128 GB Memory card to record and save the videos but If you want more security of your recorded material you can use Cloud Recording to save your data on FTP server. It will save everything in cloud storage in case of the camera is broken or stolen by someone. 
You can control and monitor the rotation of Camera remotely even with the help of iPhone and Android devices. In case if you are not using the gadget for Surveillance You can also use it for the Video Chat with two-way audio monitoring. 
As D3D D8810 Supports 2.4 Ghz Wifi Frequency so you can stream everything live on PC, Android Smartphones, and iPhones. There is a Smart Inbuilt Motion Detection Alarm that can notify you via E-Mail and also can upload alarm snapshot to FTP Server.

This is really a worth for money CCTV Camera there are two colour variants of this device. You can Check the; 
D3D Wireless HD IP WIFI CCTV (Black )
D3D Wireless HD IP WIFI CCTV (White)
While if you don't like this brand for any reason you can have a look over its equally good alternate option Sricam SP005 SP Series Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Camera


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