Mobile Hang Problem Solution for Android

iPhone do not hang like Android device, because the same manufacturer build hardware and software of the mobile, but in case of Android any smartphone manufacturer can use the OS, Android OS also has open source code means any person/company can modify the OS design and interface, Due to this variation in Software and hardware Android phones become leggy and start hanging after some time.
Phone hangs
This kind of problem can be resolved by the simple methods, If you follow them properly there are very fewer chances of problematic experience, some easy steps can save your device from hanging. These tasks will help you to know, how to stop your phone from hanging.

Tips to Solve Hanging Issue in a Smartphone

Restart the Phone-
Restart or switching off your mobile for few minutes is the simplest way to solve hanging problem. it is advisable to switch off your mobile for some time in after every 24-48 hour because it will refresh all the Apps.

Don’t use Mobile when it is Overheated-
Using WiFi or other power consuming features may cause overheating in the phone; using overheated Mobile is not good for the phone as well as you, so try to avoid the habit of using your phone in such condition because it makes CPU processing slower.
Uninstall Unnecessary Applications from Your Device-
Unnecessary Apps in mobile phone causes load in the RAM, ROM and CPU. So find the apps on your phone which are not used by you and uninstall them one by one. You can also remove the system or default apps after rooting your phone.

Remove or Disable the Bloatware
Bloatware are preinstalled apps in the phone, most of the bloatware are not so useful so you can go to the setting and uninstall them one by one. Sometimes many bloatware are not uninstallable so just disable them, it can save the CPU power. 

Mobile hang problem solution app-
Task manager software can resolve to hang problem and enhance mobile speed also kills the non-functioning app opening in the background. There are many good Task manager such as Advanced Task Manager, ES Task Manager(Task Killer), Clean Master etc are available for free download in Play store. Here is One of the popular mobile hang problem solution app known as Phone speed booster for download. Many techies also recommend Greenify as preventive mobile hang software.

Avoid the attraction of Apps-
Live Wallpapers, Launcher and Themes looks good on your Smartphone screen and everyone get attracted to them, but they also consume a good amount of CPU power and makes your phone slower. so try to avoid such application if your phone is hanging.

Proper Exit of Application-
Generally people do not exit a game or application properly after using them. It makes the application running in the background so from the next time exit an App properly because if they remain open it will definitely slow down the phone.

Make free Space in Internal Memory-
If you have a lot of data loaded in your mobiles internal memory it will take more time to scan your data for updating gallery, mp3 player etc. so try to make internal memory less loaded and more free. Move your most of data in External SD Card.

Move Apps to External Memory card-
Move the application in External memory enhances the processing of phone, so it is better to move all movable apps in External memory especially when the phone doesn't have sufficient internal storage.

Change the Micro SD Card-
Sometimes the External SD card underperforms and really makes data transmission slow, when a memory card become old it started slowing down the process; So try to change the memory card, It may be possible that all the problem is happening just because of an old SD card.

Restore Data factory setting-
If from above recommendations none of the tip works then there is one final option; save your all data, contacts, and files and reset your mobile phone.

Root the phone-
It is observed that a  rooted handset works bit Faster than the non-rooted mobile, so it’s worth to root your phone, A rooted mobile means you can access the system application of your phone. (However we do not recommend rooting of the smartphone because it may violates the warranty given by the company) 

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