Use Instagram Without Internet Connection in Offline Mode

Social media apps are meant to work with the internet connection, but to make them more appealing to users Developers always evolving their Applications with the time. As Competition between the top Social Media App is increasing drastically so every App is trying hard to attract a good user base. Currently, Instagram announces offline mode feature At Facebook’s annual developer conference, this feature allows you to use Instagram browsing even you are disconnected with any kind of internet connection. 

How Offline Instagram Will be Helpful:-

This features will work like the Official Facebook app that works in offline mode, you can see all the stories previously downloaded and can comment, like, save posts, unfollow other users and many features. Later when your device will connect back to the internet all the commands in offline mode will be executed. All the Profiles you’ve stared previously will also load in offline mode. This cache saving feature also reduces the internet data consumption. 

It will be more helpful for those nations where the internet connection is not uniform causing frequent disconnection with the network. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram and there is already a lite version of FB app available in store so it may be possible that company may also launch the Lite Instagram App. 

It looks like the hunger for the growth of Instagram increases as the app’s user count has officially surpassed Snapchat's total users. Interestingly there are multiple features that Instagram directly or indirectly Stolen from the Snapchat, the most popular are; 

Features Instagram Stolen from Snapchat

  1. Instagram Stories is rip-off of Snapchat.
  2. Focusing on selfie using stickers like the cowboy hat, Viking hat, silly glasses etc.
  3. Geo-filter/ Sticker.
  4. Drawing different tools on a picture.
In the end what matters is the interest of a user, People will move to the App which will provide a better user experience with features that they find interesting.

How to appear offline on Instagram in 2020

Intagram shows you online to your friends and it is really a trouble for your privacy. because many people poke you for being online. however you can disable yourself for appearing online. Here is simple way to turn off my activity status on Instagram.
  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Tap on 3 lines on right above corner 
  • Tap on the setting on right down corner
  • Tap on the "privacy"
  • Select "Activity status"
  • Disable the activity status
Follow all the 5 steps given in above pictures to easily disable your online activity status.


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