Sony NW-WS620 Sports Headphones First Impression: A Comfortable Walkman

Sony Launched NW WS620-series Wireless sports Headphones / Walkman, Under this series, they are offering two different models 1) Sony NW-WS623 (4 GB Internal Storage), 2) Sony NW-WS625 (16 GB Internal Storage), The key features of this portable Walkman are Wireless Connectivity, Waterproof & Dustproof built, Wide Temperature endurance, Bluetooth remote control and a long lasting Battery.
Connectivity and control
This headphone support easy connectivity with Bluetooth & NFC (one-touch pairing). It is very easy to stream and enjoy the music from you Smartphone. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. Walkman Headphones company also offering a Bluetooth remote control that can be attached to your finger or wrist, with this RC it is very easy to Take calls and change the MP3 track etc.

Waterproof & Dustproof
Sony NW WS620-series is also Saltwater-proof up to a depth of 6.56 feet for the 30 minutes so there is no need to worry while partying at pools or beaches. A very compatible IPX5-rated splashproof remote control is also resistant to the water this IPX5/8-rated waterproof headset can also submerge in salt water up to 6.56 feet depth. It is also designed to stand against the sand or dust particles.

High Endurance power
If you are an adventure sports enthusiastic person this walkman is your perfect companion it is enduring extreme temperatures from -5 °C to 45 °C. So this masterpiece can survive in the wide range of temperature in different areas.

Comfortable in all the situation
NW WS620-series sports Headphones is designed for very comfortable wearing, it has only 32 Grams weight and the body is designed in such a way that it offers optimized sound even underwater.

Ambient Sound mode
This mode uses the microphones built into the left and right side of the headphones that allow hearing ambient sounds around you, even if you are listening to the music. So, by this mode, you can also listen to your trainer or talk to your friends without removing this comfortable gadget from your ears.

Long Lasting power
It doesn't have a little backup of 5-6 hours like other counterpart wireless headphones. you can Enjoy a whopping 12-hour battery playback. The quick charge can be very helpful as it offers 60 minutes playing time in a just three-minutes quick charge.


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