Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives:-

It is obvious that Adsense is most popular and Highest paying website for the publisher, but a lot of times people dislike it for some specific reasons however, there are lots of decent paying website over the internet you may like. However, most of the time people like to have Adsense but it is now harder to get approved from the Google Adsense for Websites don’t have huge traffic and Good ranking or because of Hard Term and Conditions of Google. In this article, we have enlisted the best Adsense Alternative for a publisher they are not as good as Adsense in all aspects but decent enough to earn good amount of money.

The people may recommend different sites for the publisher however my favorite one are;

1. Bidvertiser

Year of Launching- 2003
Parent Company - Bpath, LTD.
Payment methods- Paypal, Skrill/MoneyBookers, Western Union, Check, Bank Wire Transfer.
Cash out- PayPal with a minimum of $10.
Ad formats- providing many types of ad formats such as Banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline (Mobile) ads.  Priority of is displaying the highest bidders first. Apart from that you can create and distribute your Own Customized Toolbar and Earn Money.

Your Site May not be approved for following reasons-
  • Adult content, Sexual content
  • Excessive profanity and Illegal drugs or related content
  • Hate speech or hate graphics content
  • Pirating, hacking, spamming and infecting & under construction or incomplete.

2. Infolinks

Year of Launching- 2011
Minimum Cashout- $ 50
Payment Methods- PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, ACH.
Types of ads Formats-  InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText, it shows PPC, CPC, CPM ads.
In This website approval is easy and Publisher Share up to 70% of income and the best thing about Infolinks is that they don’t take Space for showing ads which don’t slow down Website load speed.

3. Popcash

Year of Launching- 2012
Minimum Cashout- 10$
Popcash is mainly CPM based Payment Methods- PayPal, PayZa, Paxum.
Publisher Share- 80%
Types of ads Formats- Popcash uses a popunder ad scheme which opens a new browser window hidden under the active/current window. And Daily payments method makes it more attractive for publishers. On the dashboard, you can see your daily earnings, total earnings, and last payment.