How to Solve Heating Issue in Android Phone

Heating is one of the Common problem in Android Smartphones. Nowadays even good branded high price smartphones get heated.  Just like in Computer/Laptop smartphone doesn’t have Cooling system. Here are some easy ways to solve Heating issue in Android Smartphone.
The following steps can be helpful for solving the heating issue in any kind of mobile phone these can be very useful for solving redmi note 7 pro heating issue, redmi note 8 pro heating issue, samsung mobile heating issue, realme heating issue, motorola heating issue.

Uninstall the Heavy Apps-

The heavy Apps Consume a lot of Battery Power this cause load over CPU and Phone starts heating. So identify that app from the setting that is using a lot of smartphone battery and if that App is not necessary, uninstall them. 

Stop Overcharging the phone- 

Many people have habit of keeping the phone attached to the charger for hours even after it gets fully charged. Although nowadays phone automatically terminate the power connection when they get fully charged but still it is not advisable to overcharge your phone that may cause heating issue.

Stop Playing Games for a Long Hours-

There are many heavy games in the App Stores. Especially graphic intensive games take a lots of power from chipset and battery to run. in this processor they also increase the temperature so if phone start heating too much quit the Game and let it be cool. It is never recommended to play games or use the phone in overheated situation.

Keep it away from direct sunlight

Lots of people work in outdoor condition and there phone is directly exposed to the sunlight for too long. It is advisable to keep your phone in some shade. not only sunlight but also keep your phone away from any heat generating source like heater, fire, or machines. 

Phone heating while charging

It is one of the common problem as many people face phone heating while charging. We can find many reasons for heating of mobile while charging, There may be issue in battery, There may be issue in charger or even there may be issue in data cable used for charging. I always recommend to use only original accessories for charging. To counter this issue either Change the charger/ battery or switch off the phone while charging. 

Limiting background process from the Setting-

  • Go to the settings menu,
  • Scroll down and tap to "About phone."
  • Scroll down to the bottom and where you will see "Build number
  • Tap it 7 times.
  • Now under setting Developer option will appear,
  • Now tap to Developer options
  • Scroll down tap to Background process limit
  • Select Background processes limit At most 2 process or 3 Processes.
You can even select No Background process which will turn off all background process but just avoid it. Because some applications may quit unexpectedly and causing shutting of some necessary apps.

App to Resolve Heating Issue

1) No frills- This App can be used in only in Rooted Device. This App allows you to use the Different frequency your phone supports. So After installing this app set your Max. Clock freq. One level below. For example, if your phone supports max. 1500 GHz in such case you can choose new max. Frequency 1400 GHz or 1300 GHz. Don’t go below that. Apply the new setting in App.
2. Task Killer- It is very light app can help you to close the unwanted apps running in the background of your phone. Background apps consume CPU as well as battery power and it causes heating up and this app kills all apps running in background unnecessarily. This app can stop heating problem of phone to some extent. You can download this application from here


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