How to Solve Heating Issue in Android Mobile Phones

Heating is one of the Common problem in Android Smartphones. Nowadays even good branded high price smartphones get heated.  Just like in Computer/Laptop smartphone doesn’t have Cooling system. Here are some easy ways to control Heating/ Over Heating issue in Android Smartphone.

Methods to Overcome from Smartphone heating

Uninstall the Heavy Apps-

The heavy Apps Consume a lot of Battery Power this cause load over CPU and Phone starts heating. So identify that app from the setting that is using a lot of smartphone battery and if that App is not necessary, uninstall them. 

Stop Overcharging the phone- 

Although Phone nowadays terminate the power connection when they fully charged but still it is not recommended to overcharge your phone, that may cause Heating

Stop Playing Games for a Long Time-

Especially Graphic intensive Games takes a lot of power to run and in this processor, they also increase the temperature of Phone, so if phone start much heating Quit the Game and let it be cool.

By Disabling Background from the Setting-

  • Go to the settings menu,
  • Scroll down and tap to "About phone."
  • Scroll down to the bottom and where you will see "Build number
  • Tap it 7 times.
  • Now under setting Developer option will appear,
  • Now tap to Developer options
  • Scroll down tap to Background process limit
  • Select Background processes limit At most 1 process or At most 2 Processes.
  • You can even select No Background process which will turn off all background process but just avoid it. Because some applications may quit unexpectedly doing this process, but  In my case everything is ok!!!!

App to Resolve Heating Issue

1) No-frills- This App can be used in only in Rooted Device. This App allows you to use the Different frequency your phone supports.
So After installing this app set your Max. Clock freq. One level below. For example, if your phone supports max. 1500 GHz in such case you can choose new max. Frequency 1400 GHz or 1300 GHz. Don’t go below that. Apply the new setting in App. 

2) Proton Voltage Control- This App allows you to set custom voltages in Nexus S or Nexus S 4G
How to Use-
  • Fill 20mV voltages on all frequencies which is suggested for this app except for 1.4ghz and 1.3ghz which have been raised slightly.
  • init.d script called proton_voltage_control  will be created by Save on Boot with your entered values.
  • After that Press Menu and Emergency, Boot Zip to download a flashable which will remove 'Save on Boot' files. Download- Proton Voltage Control
P.S.-  Read the description carefully given in app store before using these apps.
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