How to Earn Money from Youtube Monetization

Earn Money from Youtube Monetization-

Youtube become alternate of Television broadcasting currently it is  2nd most popular website on the planet according to Alexa. Day by day viewer base is increasing in the website. the free service is the best thing about the site, both publisher and user have free access to all the content of site.
For many talented publishers, Youtube is a great stage for earning money for their services, however site share 55% of the revenue with the original publisher. for starting a youtube channel successfully a person should have
  • Unique knowledge about any topic which can help other people.
  • Fresh content in the video.
  • Good video visualization for the Entertainment.
  • Some creativity in the video which can go viral.

You can also Sell your product or affiliate by providing reviews.

YouTube Partner Program for monetizing video channel -

The monetization of youtube channel is easy if you follow the guideline given by youtube such as the material should not contain sexual content and all the copyright of audio and visualization in the video should belong to the publisher. Check out more about the Youtube Guideline.

Features of Youtube
  • You can add some of the audio files from here. which is provided by Youtube for free.
  • They also providing free Online video editor.
  • You can join the Youtube partnership by just clicking here.

Example of Youtube Stars

Justin Bieber-

Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive of ‘So So Def’; while searching for videos of a different singer, clicked on one of Justin  Bieber's 2007 videos by accident and got  Impressed by his performance, now you can see where is Justin Bieber.

Shraddha Sharma-

 A Teen-Age girl hailing from Dehradun, the capital city of the State of Uttarakhand in north India, Got popular and has become a public figure by just singing Bollywood songs from home.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg-

A Swedish video game commentator on YouTube. His commentary and reactions to various games as he plays through them.
Earning -  $7 million.

Ray William Johnson-

Ray William Johnson is an American Video blogger famous for Equals Three series, in which he provides commentary to some of the internet's latest viral videos.
Earning - $4 million.

Peter Alexis Shukoff-

An American comedian is best known for the comedy on his YouTube channel “NicePeter”  over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers.

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