How to Migrate from Blogger to Wordpress

Most of Newbie blogger start blogging from and I think it is a good idea to learn some basics from simple and free Google host but after establishing blog in blogger it seems less flexible and gives less access to many features that a self hosted blog can give.
Now I am going to explain about the best Hosting site (in my opinion) and how to migrate from blogger to Wordpress. There are several benefits, At first let's have a look on the benefits.

Why to migrate from Blogger to Paid Host

Customization- The most important factor to move from blogger to Wordpress is the more customization and more control over blog. Blogger has limited control and relatively less customization than Wordpress.
Better SEO- I am not saying that Blogger platform cannot be good for SEO but the ease in optimization with the help of Plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast.
Full Ownership- The content published in blogger is not fully owned by its publisher/admin, it is Google also share its ownership and your blog can be deleted by Google without prior notice; it is not so common but sometime happens.
Better Page Load Speed- The page load speed can be enhanced in WordPress by using Plugins for image optimizer and cache content.

You know the benefits of having self hosted blogs, now move to the core content about migration of the blog.

How to Migrate

There are two conditions you have 
  • Default Blogspot address -
  • Custom Domain name -
If you have default domain name in Blogspot than first go to a domain registrar website for a domain name. It will be better if your domain name includes the word that describes your blog; such as if you have technology site it can be,, for fashion blog it can be, etc. For selections of domain try to go for .com domain but if you can’t find web address of your choice you can go for .net, .org or .in these domain are also popular.
Most popular site for new domain registration is (International) and (For India) 

What if already have a custom domain 

In case if you already have a blog in, You need to follow above mentioned steps, You can skip those steps when we suppose you already have;
  1.  Blog in
  2. Custom Domain.
  3. A Host provider
After setting Wordpress in Bluehost, Its time to move your all the blog post from blogger to Wordpress. That is easy to perform by the plugins.

Import content from Blogspot to Wordpress

  • Open the admin area of your Wordpress (Most probably –
  • Go add new under plugins 
  • Search for Install Blogger Importer Extended
  • After installing you can open it Under Tools > Import > Blogger Importer Extended
Import your Blogger blog to WordPress, Finally all done.

Redirect your Blogspot url to Wordpress

In the blogger post you have created lots of backlinks which is important for the referral traffic and Link juice as well, so it will be wise idea to redirect your all the blogspot urls to new urls. follow simple steps to redirect;
First of all you have to make your url pretty by selecting a kind of url structure you want in your blog from the permalink under the setting. There are many url structures/ format to choose from options such as
(I will recommend you to choose Post Name from the options)
  • Click on add new under plugins
  • Search and Install for Blogger 2 Wordpress plugin. This plugin is created By Subin Siby
  • After installing this plugin go to this plugn and click on Generate Templete Code. 
  • Go to you Blogger Blog Template page. 
  • Apply the Simple Template To Your Blog. 
  • Click On Edit HTML button. Paste the following code in the textarea.
  • Save Template. 
After completing these steps your blog is ready to use, you can post new articles.