Best Earphones Under 1000

To Experience and Feel the depth of music you also need a powerful audio device, so here you can find Best Earphones Under 1000 Rs. The 3.5mm Audio jack is widely accepted port for the electronic devices such as Smartphone, iPad, Walkman, Mp3 player etc. To have the best Music experience it is necessary to have a quality Earphone. There are multiple thousand rupees Earphone in the market which is mostly out of range for the large population because it is true that public wants quality earphone but everyone is not able to pay a huge amount of money for the earphones. We have collected the list of best earphone under 1000 rupees in India. Below this range you will hardly find a quality earphone. It is also advisable that if you are an amateur music listener does not go below this range. however, you can definitely go above this range for much better earphone. Here lets have a look over the best earphone under 1k.

Earphones Under 1000 in India:-

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

Key specs

  • Type: Wired in-the-ear headphone
  • Colour: Silver
  • Design: In-ear-canalphone
  • Eliminates background noise
  • Frequency Response: 18 to 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Cons: No Mic

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II is our best pick for earphone under ₹1000. This company has a stellar reputation of providing Quality earphones with ergonomical design and sensational feat of engineering, with its elegant design and comfortable fit. This is an inner ear headphone, meant to cancel out all those annoying ambient noise around you. Finger-contoured housing design, that allows you to adjust it effortlessly. Designed in way to make it portable and lightweight. It has sensitivity of 16 Ohms and excellent noise accentuating ability and a frequency response ranging from 18 to 20,000 Hz, and a thumping powerful bass sound that will help you rattle your senses.

JBL T-110 (With Microphone)

Key Specs

  • In-ear Earphone
  • Single Button Remote/mic
  • High Sensitivity
  • Extended Frequency Response
  • 3 Pairs of Silicon Sleeves
  • 8mm Dynamic Drivers

JBL known for brilliant electronic goods like amplifiers, music sets, and earphone as well. The bud is designed such that it slides into the canal of each ear cutting away any sound from the outside. Noise cancelling factors allows clear conversations without any interruptions resist the noise of surrounding. Mic is designed for the best in its callsThe earplugs are made up of soft rubber and come in a classy black colour. 
The single button remote makes it easy for starting and stopping music with a single tap. It also facilitates an inline mic to speak, has a jack diameter of 3.5 mm and a driver size of 8 mm. Earphone works on a frequency range of 20 - 22000 hertz. The brand is popular for superior sound quality. This wire earphones with mic has a cord length of 110 cm. The Mic is fixed in such a way that there is no need of holding mic as the conventional way.

JBL C100SI (With Microphone)

Key specs

  • Cord Length : 1.2 m
  • Wired/Wireless : Wired
  • Mic : Yes
  • Jack Diameter : 3.5 mm

Superior JBL Performance with its small 9 mm drivers that are capable of producing clear and powerful sound quality with beats.
The inline mic and single button remote allows you to receive calls when plugged in to your phone and switch between songs. mic support nearly all the Android and iPhone devices having 3.5mm jack. Earphone also capable to deliver precise, powerful sound for an exceptional listening experience. 

For the Quality music ₹ 1000 should be minimum budget, and here we have managed to enlist only the best earphone for the range of 1K INR. however, for a much better music experience, you can increase your budget and can go for the Best Headphones Under ₹ 2000


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