Best Speakers Under 5000 (December 2017)

To enjoy the real music a person needs a quality device which can deliver the best quality sound under the budget of customer. To taking everything into account related to audio devices we have collected some of the best speakers/ home theaters under the range of 5000 INR for the Indian public. All the speakers are well tested by users and online reviewers. Let's go with the list of favorite products.

Best Home Theater List in India under 5K

Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Speaker

Key specs
  • 40W sound output - experience the combination of quality output sound with bass.
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Built-in FM tuner.
  • USB and SD card slots.

Description about speaker
Philips MMS-4545B is best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in India. It comes along with a remote which allow controlling the system with minimum hiccups. Ideal to use for parties and other minor and major occasions. It also has bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your device wirelessly. This speaker gives you distortion-free booming sound quality with superior bass. Philips is among the world leaders in the production of electronics that are innovative, durable and satisfy consumer requirement.

Truvison SE-6045 5.1 Multimedia Speaker

Key specs
  • Output RMS (Watts): 50 W + 18 W x 5
  • Connectivity: USB, SD, 
  • FM to tune your favorite station.
  • 5.1 channel to distribute your music experience much wider.
Detailed information about Truvison SE-6045
Laptop Speaker which boasts a stylish design and fine acoustics. This is best 5.1 speakers under 5000 rupees, definitely going to explore the sound in better and richer way, It has a total output of 50+18x5 = 140 W which is very impressive. AUX Cable and enjoy your movies and music better. 
This speaker supports USB, SD, FM. It is compatible with most of the digital music players, computers, and portable listening devices. The company also providing remote for controlling the system from distance.

Sony SRS-D9 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Key specs
  • Maximum total Power Output Speaker is 60W
  • Connect your PC, TV, music players and smartphone with USB
  • 4 stand alone satellite boxes
  • Subwoofer driver supports a frequency range of 28 - 150 hertz
Know more about Sony SRS-D9 2.1 
This is kind of mini theater you just need to connect the speaker to your supported gadgets like your TV, DVD or Smartphone, From the tier 1 brand, it is one of the best 2.1 speaker in India below 5000. The Sony Multimedia Speakers delivers absolute perfection and class as they give a flawless balance for every musical note. Wooden subwoofer adds aesthetic value and quality in the environment of your home and a 60W output gives pleasant yet powerful sound.

F&D F700UF Speakers

Key specs
  • 5.1 channels 
  • Sub-woofer speaker: 40Hz-125Hz
  • Colorful LEDs for easy recognition of sources
  • Total output power- 75W
Mini review about F&D F700UF 
This 5.1 system is going to add more spectrum in the rainbow of sound. USB reader has buttons for play/pause, next and previous while the full function fluorescent remote control. It also features Digital FM and a USB/SD reader that takes your musical experience to the next level by amplifying the sound from your devices. Speaker also supporting FM tuner by default. The built quality of the system is spectacular. Remote control that gives you the power to regulate and set the sounds according to your wish. 

Philips 2.1 In-MMS6080B/94 speakers

Key specs
  • Output power in total: 60W
  • Aux, USB, and also plays from either DVD, TV or mobile devices
  • FM tuner
  • LED for navigation 
MMS6080B/94 speaker description 
60W output blows your mind with quality bass The device is capable of accessing the files via the USB and SD card slots which can be played on the speaker. These speakers are ideal to use for kitty parties and other occasions. It comes along with a remote control, It should also be noticed that Philips is among the world leaders in the production of electronics that are innovative, durable. The engineers of the brand are trying hard to offer quality products at possible minimum prices.

This list includes all the top speakers available in Indian market below the 5000 rupees, you will not disappointed with the sound quality and built quality these speakers are offering. However, if you are interested in much better music experience you can choose to go for Best Speakers Under ₹ 10000


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