Best Laptop for Architecture Student in India 2017

There are multiple confusing options in market, but here we will only recommend Best Laptop for Architecture student that will be future proof, as we know Architecture is artistic work that require creativity of planning and designing the physical structure like buildings and bridges. To create such a complex 3D structure there is also need of a Machine that can support heavy graphics. First we should know the..

Minimum requirement of Laptop configuration for Architecture Student

What are the best Operating System supported
Here i will clearly recommend Windows over Mac, A lots of Architecture institute also prefer Windows for Students because there are many Software that are running only in Windows. The minimum recommendation is Windows 7, but it will be better if you will move to the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

CPU (Central Processing Unit) for smoothly processing tasks
From the AMD and Intel, our personal preference goes over the Intel.
There are multiple generational variants available in market so it is better to go with Intel i5 (5th or 6th gen) or much better to go for i7 (4th or newer gen)
As many institute recommend that the CPU must be Muti-core and minimum base clock speed should be 2.4 GHz.

RAM (Random Access Memory) for much better performance 
8 GB RAM is minimum requirement but for the much smoother performance it's better to install 12 GB or 16 GB RAM, However we think 8GB is still a sweet spot for laptop recommended for Architecture.

GPU (Graphics processing unit) that can handle 3D designing
The days are gone when 1 GB was enough for the task related to Architecture. new version of the software like AutoCAD, ArchiCad, Sketchup, Photoshop, V-Ray are now running better in 2 GB Graphic card. So here our recommendation for 1 GB GPU now turned into 2 GB graphic card.

To store a lots of big files you need a Hard disk
It is now well known that the SSD are performing way better than the HDD, so if possible go with SSD instead of HDD but they are expensive one. Here you can go for an laptop which is offering SSD and HDD as well; where all the important Softwares can be installed in SSD and other data can be save in HDD. Although there may be option like HDD with 7200 rpm, which you can consider while buying a new laptop.

Screen Size/ Resolutions for vibrant picture quality
For the size, do not choose smaller one, it is recommended at least stick with 15.6' laptop size.
Most of the laptops comes up with 1366X768 pixels, which is up to acceptable, for much clarity and sharper graphical image you should go for higher resolutions like 1600×900 pixels or 1920x1080 pixels,

List of Best available laptops in India for Architecture 

We have collected the list of best suitable and available laptop for the people ready to spend different budgets, There were many more options in our list unfortunately we ignored them because they are not currently available in India. this is clear as the budget increasing the specification of the laptops are improving so lets have a look over the best laptops for Architect student.

Best Laptop for Architecture Student Under ₹ 50000:- 
The 50K budget is just starting range of laptop that can suit an architect student, however they are not so powerful but still can handle nearly all the task gently 
a) HP 15-AY503TX

This laptop is featuring 15.6 inches Full HD anti-glare WLED-backlit screen that shows vibrant graphical pictures in laptop, system is powered by the Intel® CoreTM i5-6200U (6th gen processor). There is 8 GB DDR4 RAM inside the laptop ensuring a smooth multitasking, Laptop also has 1 TB HDD for Storage, 2 GB Graphic card.

b) HP 15-BE002TX 

It has pre-installed Windows 10 but its display is not FHD other configuration is nearly same like above option e.g. Intel Core i5 6th Gen processor | 8GB RAM | 1TB Hard disk drive | Windows 10 Home Pre-loaded operating system | AMD Radeon R5 M430 2GB Graphics

Best Laptop for Architecture Student Under ₹ 60000:-
From this budget you can go with machine that is powered with Core i7 processor. These laptop also features some of pro-gaming features. for this price segment our recommendations goes to
a) Lenovo Ideapad 500 80NT00PAIN

This 15.6 inches Full HD display laptop configuring some attractive features powered with Core i7-6500U (6th Gen) processor coupled with 8 GB RAM that takes the performance to other level. The graphical tasks are supported by the AMD Meso XT 4GB Graphics.

b) HP 15-AY078TX

We love Full HD because it shows vibrant quality of pictures, This system also has 15.6 inches FHD display. There is Core i7-6500U processor inside the machine with 8GB RAM | 1 TB HDD | 4 GB Graphic card.

Under 70000:-
a) HP 15-AU009TX
The budget is now on track, It features Nvidia GeForce 940MX 4GB Graphics that is enough to run most of graphic hungry games and Softwares, system features Intel Core i7-6500U (6th gen) processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and pre-installed Windows 10 Home

b) Lenovo Ideapad 500 80NT00L3IN

Just like above option there is alternate in cheaper price here. however it has AMD Radeon R7 M360 4GB Graphics, other features are nearly same like 15.6 inches full HD display | Intel Core i7 6500U (6th Gen) processor | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD Storage | Windows 10 Home pre-installed

Best Laptop for Architecture Student Under 80000:-
From this budget you can buy a system that doesn't compromise even with single specs.
a) MSI GL62 6QF 
Finally i can recommend a laptop of my choice with actual high configuration that will never lag, here this laptop is configured with Intel Core i7-6700HQ (6th Gen) with Max Turbo Frequency 3.50 GHz | 8GB RAM | 1TB hard disk drive HDD 7200 RPM | USB 3.0 type-C reversible plug and 2 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX960M.

b) Asus ROG GL552VX-DM261T 

This ROG model is one of the sweet spot for all the Gamers, this can handle all the Architect related softwares and tasks very easily. It has key specs like Intel Core i7-6700HQ (6th Gen) | 15.6 inches Full HD display | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD 7200 rmp | pre-installed Windows 10 and 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M Graphics.

Best Laptop for Architecture Student Under ₹ 90000:-
a) HP Pavilion15 (Power) i7-6700HQ

If you are ready to spend up to 90K, its time to recommending laptop with high end features, for this budget our selection goes to HP Pavilion15 (Power) i7-6700HQ, This is loaded with specs like Intel i7-6700HQ Quad-Core Processor | 16GB RAM |15.6" Full HD display | 1TB HDD | 4GB NVIDIA GTX 960M Graphics | Windows 10; However in this machine we are missing SSD or 7200 rpm HDD.

Best Laptop for Architecture Student Under ₹ 100000:-
Magic starts now! do you have budget of 1Lac? If yes then you can have a system that will blow your mind with its performance and design, Use it for high end gaming or an pro-architect, it is not going to disappoint you, This is our hot favorite choice. It has eye catching features like Intel Core i7-6700HQ 6th Gen process, DDR4 16GB RAM | 1TB (SATA)+ 128GB SSD (M.2 SATA) | Pre-installed Windows10 | Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 Graphic card | 15.6 inches MSI innovative Matrix Display and The GeForce GTX 960M Series brings extreme, next-generation graphical performance .
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These are the best available laptops for Architecture student in India, we will update this list time to time. If you have any kind of confusion regarding selection and list feel free to ask in comment section.



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