Bosch DLE 40 Review: Best Laser Distance Measurement Device

Bosch DLE 40 is best as well as cost effective distance measuring device available in the market. However there is another GLM series offering different variants Bosch GLM 15 can measure up to 15 Meter of distance same apply for GLM 30, GLM 40, GLM 50, GLM 80, GLM 100 and GLM 250. With the increase in number in a model the range, as well as price also increases. DLE 40 works on the laser beam measurement so it has many benefits like there is no need of going everywhere or in tough areas to measure and it is also a time-saving method to measure, there are many other advantages of this device over the traditional method of measuring the distance. Let's have a Look...

Features of Bosch DLE 40

The Device is highly accurate 
With an accuracy of 1.5 mm Bosch GLM is really helpful for DIY enthusiasts as well as professionals.

Protection against dust and water
It has protection rated to IP54 so you can work without worrying about the water drops and dust around the work area.

Long Battery Backup
Bosch GLM is running on the four 1.5V AAA size batteries, which can take up to 5,000 measurements before discharging of the battery and it also has auto off feature where device automatically shutdowns after 5 minutes of non-functionality.

Optimized Size 
With only 180 Grams of weight and dimension of 10 x 3.2 x 5.8 cm, it is very carriable and easy to operate. 

Multiple Modes to measure
There are two main modes of measuring, 
A) Single shot - Press a button twice to switch on the laser and take the reading, 
B) Continuous Mode- The laser stays on and continually display the distance.

Beep on selected Distance
You can select a desirable distance and when your device will be away from the desirable point it will beep. 

Can Measure Area and Volume
If you want measure area the device can do it for you, it will automatically multiply the two last measured length and for volume, it will multiply last three measurements. 

Can Show in Different units
This Device can display those measurements in feet, inches and fractions of an inch, decimal inches, decimal meters.

Get Last 10 measurements back
We often forget the last measurements but Bosch GLM lets you access the last 10 measurements saved in the device with a click on the “Func” button. 

Bosch DLE 40 vs Bosch GLM 40

  • Accuracy- ± 1.5 mm ||vs|| ± 1/16 inch
  • Measuring Range- 0.05-50 m ||vs|| 0.15-40 m
  • Dimensions- 100 x 58 x 32 mm ||vs|| 105x41x24 mm
  • Weight- 180 grams ||vs|| 90 grams
  • Power Supply- 4x1.5 V ||vs|| 2×1.5 V batteries
Bosch DLE 40 and Bosch GLM 40 similarities
  • Both have IP54 dust and water Protection Class
  • Bosch DLE 40 and Bosch GLM 40 comes under Laser Diode/Class 2
  • You can operate both the devices in -10 deg to 50 deg C
However, Bosch GLM 40 is cheaper alternate (Check Here) which is nearly 1000 Rs lesser.


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