iQualTech IQT-040 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Stylish & Ultra Portable

People nowadays loving to own portable products. Even some companies started to manufacture portable houses although it is not feasible for everyone till now. But here we will talk about the feasible options, you are music lover searching for a portable speaker with very crisp and loud sound you may love to this pill shaped tiny, lightweight with surprising booming sound. Here we are going to dig the features of iQualTech IQT-040 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker having 2 high-quality 5-watt speakers. 

iQualTech IQT-040 features in Detail

There is no need to tangling with wires for playing your favorite songs. Music in this Soundbar can be streamed through devices supporting Bluetooth or NFC. You can play music through your Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet and all the gadgets which support Bluetooth or NFC Streaming. It supports the Streaming from the range of 10 meters. iQualTech IQT-040 Featuring Latest XP+ pairing technology helps in pairing 2 speakers to make a stereo sound effect so you can use them as left and right channel. It is offering really loud sound as compared to its size. 
This product is not limited to providing the only sound but it also has a built-in mic that helps in picking the call and talk without using your smartphone. The battery inside this gadget has the backup of 9 hours* (although it may vary from 4 to 9 hours) which is also quite impressive so here you can enjoy your music for long hours on a single charge. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack so you can also use the headphones in this speaker. 

iQualTech IQT-040 is selling like cake in some European countries because of its compact design, crisp sound, and very reasonable price. It is very compact and sturdy although we are missing the waterproof body a bit. There are multiple color variants available of this Speaker. Check original one:
iQualTech IQT-040 (Black)
iQualTech IQT-040 (White)


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