Best Budget DSLR Camera in India

Best entry level DSLR:-

We have analyzed many DSLR cameras under the budget range. The 2 top brands Nikon and Conon have multiple cameras under affordable range, so it is hard to choose the best DSLR in cheapest price without compromising the quality of photograph and product. after taking many things into the consideration we have found that the best affordable DSLR in India is Canon EOS 1300D. So let's point out the facts why this device is best option for a person. 

18 Megapixel:-
It is featuring 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, many DSLR in the market has 12MP or 16 MP sensor even after having a higher price. 18 MP sensor is capable of capturing the details of a scenery. The picture remains sharp even after zooming. Its APS-C CMOS sensor gives an incredibly wide field of view. 

Full HD Video:-
You can take the beautiful crisp videos by this device. EOS 1300D is capable of recording the videos in 1080p (Full HD) Resolutions. As compared to other DSLR in same price category the autofocus of this camera is quite fast. 

Easy Sharing:-
One of the best thing about this camera is its connectivity and sharing option. you can directly upload the photos on the internet as it has built-in WiFi. You can also directly share the files to your smartphone as it also has NFC connectivity option. 

Bokeh effect:-
This camera beautifully blurs the background and adds the great visual effect. The main subject will be more focused and the picture comes out with an artistic touch. So definitely you will have more fun in taking outdoor picture with the different background. 

Price and value:-
It is one of the best entry-level DSLR in the market with quality features. It includes nearly all the features like 18 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor, Full HD Video Recording, WiFi & NFC for sharing and connectivity, Remote Shooting feature that helps control the camera from a distance, and 3.0 inches LCD monitor with viewing angle of 170 degrees. 

Price comparison:-
The best recommended camera after Canon 1300D is Nikon D3400 with slightly better features but it is nearly 8000 rupees expensive than Canon EOS 1300D. So obviously for the budget reason, our choice goes with EOS 1300Dit is the best choice for the buyer if you're considering a best budget DSLR camera in 2018 from an international brand under the affordable range with great features. Before buying the device we highly recommend to check the minimum price of the product from the best and most trusted online store given below. 
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