Tewtross Bluetooth Transmitter: Best Transmitter for TV

Tewtross Bluetooth Transmitter for TV:-

If there is no wireless system support in your Television, PC or Home theater this product easily helps you to connect the Bluetooth devices with your TV, PC or other supported gadgets. Tewtross Bluetooth Transmitter (for TV, PC,  Mp3,  PSP Wireless Audio from 3.5mm AUX Headset Port Or RCA Audio Out Port) is a very compatible product that can transfer (receive and send) and amazingly stream your content in the TV or PC. Let's find out why this product can be very helpful for you. 

Features of Tewtross Bluetooth Transmitter/ Receiver:-

This 2 in 1 Premium Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver is Powered by the Advanced Premium CSR8670 Chipset and Apt-X Enabled that offering a Clear & Crisp Audio output. Tewtross Bluetooth Transmitter also has Apt-X Low Latency for High-fidelity Stereo Sound with Fast Transfer of Audio Signals for Content Streaming without any hiccups. To have the best result Make Sure Your Receiving Device Also Supports Fast Reception Feature. You can Switch Between the Transmitter (Tx) Mode and the Receiver (Rx) Mode with ease.

Transmitter (Tx) Mode Helps Transmitting Stereo Audio Wirelessly From Your Non-bluetooth Audio Sources Such as Tv/ PC to Your Bluetooth-enabled Headphones or Speaker via the 3.5mm Aux or RCA Cable, You Can Enjoy programs Wirelessly on Your Bluetooth Headset Without Disturbing the people around you. Receiver (Rx) Mode Allows You to Wirelessly Connect & Stream Audio From Bluetooth Enabled Devices Like Mobile or other supported gadgets and Play on Wired Woofer or Home Theater Systems.

You can also connect with 2 devices in TX Mode which also works while charging Share the Fun With Your friends by Transmitting Audio to Two Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers Simultaneously. It also supports the feature of automatically reconnects to the Last Two Paired Devices. The battery backup of the device is quite impressive with 12 Hours running in a single charge. you can buy 2 in 1 Device for 100% Lag Delay Free Audio Play. 

If you are interested or want to know the details about the product check the current price at Amazon.


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