How to Take Good Photos with Digital Camera

Good Pictures with Point & Shoot Camera

These days Digital Camera (compact/ point and shoot) are getting more popularity among the people because of its portability, continuous increment and up-gradation in its quality, and they are cheaper in price from those large SLR/DSLR cameras. But the main point of discussion among Digital camera holders is “How to take quality pictures from such cameras”. Can we capture Good Photos with Digital Camera? My answer is yeah of course we can capture excellent quality pictures from the Compact cameras by considering some points and features.

Manual Guide

First thing first, Each brand include different features in cameras so it will be better to learn about the function, features, and control functions of device from the manual given by the company along with the camera.  So it will always recommended to spend some time for reading and learning from the book.  

Use of Grid Lines

Grid lines in camera is good option to keep your pictures horizon balanced, it helps to analyze how the subject occupies the frame of screen. It increases value of picture especially in outdoor Photos. 

Basic system for Compact cameras

1. Camera ISO

Here, ISO stands for International Standards Organization, Generally it varies in camera from 80 to 6400, Higher ISO in Camera is used for the capturing Sensitive photos such as moving objects especially in low light, but it may cause Noise/blur in photos so mostly keep it lower if higher ISO is not required.
Lower ISO gives crisp photos but some conditions needs to increase ISO like indoor sports photographs.

2. Aperture

Aperture simply means the size of lens open during the time of Capturing photos. Lower aperture means Higher F-stop (i.e. f/10 >f/20) , if your camera is focused on a particular object you have to select High F-stop and for whole photos such as Full landscape photo select Lower F-stop.
Large (top) and small (bottom) apertures on the same lens

For Macro photographs it is better to have higher Aperture and for Landscape outdoor photographs Lower aperture is better.

3. Shutter speed 

Shutter speed is opening of lens for the part of a second. ie. 1/250 means  lens allow the light entry for the 250th Part of a second, Shutter speed can be used for freezing  the moving objects such as the moving bike/care require more shutter speed for the stable image than the static bike/car.

ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed are the most common and important feature of the digital camera, you can manually control over these features according to your choice or demand of the scenery.

Other common factors of mistake


Many beginner photographers avoid the flashlight of camera so it is recommended if it is not necessary or demand of scenery, the flash of camera should not use as it may cause red eye, closed eye, or extra unwanted brightness in photos. If you want smooth pictures while taking photos with you can use quality light diffuser. 


Shake is most common problem made by human during photography (P&S Cameras are more sensitive to shake than DSLR) this may cause blurry and warped image, so try to stable the camera before click or simply use a tripod.

Final words to say about P&S Camera photography – As we all know that the experience is best teacher so always keep on learning and try new ways of photography.