OuterNet Technology for Free Internet

If everything remains according to the plan; within few years every person in the blue planet will be able to access the free internet through this plan. Outernet Technology is arisen by a New York organization called Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF). This Organisation is planning to launch the hundreds of low-cost Miniature satellite (CubeSats) in the orbit of Earth, these satellites receive the data from the ground station situated on the earth and send radio wave in the wide range to earth.
The Organization plans to ask NASA to test their Outernet technology on the International Space Station so that they can begin broadcasting Wi-Fi to Internet users around all over the world. the entire constellation utilizes globally-accepted, standards-based protocols.
On this subject Peter Whitehead, president of the Media Development Investment Fund said,
 "We exist to support the flow of independent news, information, and debate that people need to build free, thriving societies,"
The whole concept of the program is looking quite interesting but there are lots of problem in managing and launching such a huge project for the common people.
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Objectives of the Organization

  • Till now the internet is not available to the 40% of the population, it will provide internet to everyone.
  • Connecting the people all over the world and utilizing the information for the study, research and development.
  • Many people cannot afford the higher charge for the internet, it will flow the information to all People for free.
  • No ban in information channel or censored online activity.

Problems in establishing Outernet

  • Investment is around $12 billion, which will be collected by Donation.
  • The actual cost of the program may increase in future; till now there is no major source of funding.
  • The cellular, broadband and other internet providing companies are not in favor of this program.
  • In many countries Govt. may have problem with such program, because here it will not easy to control the information channel or websites.
Currently this Program is running in North America and Some part of Europe with limited rate of adoption because there is not enough funding to run the program and unawareness of people. But we hope in future it will work globally without complicating the channel of information.