Top Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

It is obvious that most of the people prefer to use the Photoshop for the image editing purpose, but unfortunately, you can't use this Software for free. So for those people who want a free image editing software, this article may help you in approaching the right kind of software. All the software enlisted here are free and developed by a different developer, if you are experienced with PS you can easily understand the interface.

1. Gimp

In our list this software is in first position. The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is open source software launched in 1996; after that it is regularly updated and considers as most powerful free photo editor. This application let you to create your own images with tools such as airbrushing, pencilling, cloning, and creating gradients, crop, add text, resize, and create nested layers. Even you can animate your creations. Customizable and extensible through the use of plug-ins and scripts. GIMPshop modification for users who want the most Photoshop-like experience in this software.

There are tools to enhance contrast, brightness and more; sharpen or blur an image correct colours, fix perspective problems, remove red-eye; add special lighting effects, turn a photo into an oil painting, and create an animation. The paint tools are simply amazing.

2.  PhotoScape

It is pliable photo editing program and easy to use. PhotoScape is capable of adjusting a lot of things in one click such as auto-levels and contrast to advanced colour curves. There are many colour and tone adjustments. You can also trim your photos with a many types of funny and stylish frames.The editor is where most of the functions are available Here you can apply a multitude of adjustments and effects to your photos. In the Batch Editor you can use all the features includes frames, objects, text, colour and tone adjustments, sharpening. the program is also limited to working with only one document at a time.

3. Photo Pos Pro

Availability of tips for starting the work in software. Lets you create, manipulate and publish image in a simple way by using this application.  you can add a frame to an image, create a photo collage, crop, use the clone brush to remove an unwanted object, remove red eye, create a greeting card, insert a new object in a photograph, create a flame effect and film artwork design, create a neon sign, add watermarks, vector objects and effects, and many more things. Anybody can use features easily such as reduce noise, sharpen, blur, morph, edges and effects like perspective, spin, wave, line slice, metalize and many more. Interface is simple the icon is self-explanatory having access to commonly used tools in top bar capable of performing routine photo editing tasks, it's also able to convert images. One-click adjustment tools for easy enhancements. Simple auto editing tool such as red-eye reduction, to automatically sharpening or blurring images, the drawing tools can work in layer. Large numbers of customizable brushes are available for use.

4. Picasa

It is a photo viewing and editing software from Google. Features such as cropping, red-eye reduction, straightening, basic brightness and contrast adjustments. quick fixes and effects, and online sharing options. The editing capabilities of Picasa are basic there are some useful features such as geotagging, keyword tagging, face recognition and a range of exporting options. 
Automated features are also accessible such as “Auto contrast”. Further Editing is available online inside Google Plus. There’s also a “Text” tool for adding some tag and information to your selections. “Retouch” tool for fixing blemishes and scratches. It has excellent face recognition technology.

5. Funny Photo Maker

It is not a pure photo editing tool but having a Good range of effects which you can easily apply to get more creative with your digital images. Easy to use and with hundreds of quality effects, Funny Photo Maker's Frame, Face Fun, Artistic, and apply lots of filters, templates, and effects. It’s capable of creating frame face on a currency dollar, movie poster, calendars, magazine covers and face on an animal's body. Basic and easy-to-use program for photos with frames, templates, and a wide range of effects convert images into an animation; add rain or snow in photos, create different kinds of painting such as oil painting, water painting, frames, and turn your photos into a collage.