How to Add Adsense Ads Between Blog Post and Comment Box in Blogger

Adsense Ads Above Comment Box:-

Placing the ads in a blog in proper place is very important for generating optimum income from ads and maintaining the appearance and look of the website. So one of my favourite place for adding ad is between post and comment box, This place is falls after ending of the core content, so the visitor will either think about the leaving the site or click on the ads, this is win-win situation. 
So here is the way to place ad between post and comment. If your blog is hosted on the blogger, this way is quite easy to follow and apply the ads on the place.

  • Open the browser and Go To, open the Dashboard of your blog.

  • Click on Template*, here whole of the HTML code of blog will shown and Search for the following code by Pressing CTRL + F
*Before doing any kind of the modifications in the HTML code you should backup your template.

<b:includable id='postQuickEdit' var='post'>

  • After completing the above mentioned steps, Go to your Adsense Account
  • Click on ‘My Ads’ > Create your ‘New Ad unit’ > Give a name to it.
  • Recommended size for this ad is 728x90 (Leaderboard), but if you want to customize this ad size click on recommended and select custom size.
  • Click on ‘save and get code’ it will generate your customizes or default code for the adsense ad.
  • Now change Code type to synchronous and Copy that code.
  • After that paste the adsense code you have created between following code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

<-------paste your synchronous adsense code here -------->

  • Now copy whole code and paste it to the above of the following code.
<b:includable id='postQuickEdit' var='post'>

Now Save the template, wait for a moment till the new re-located ads will be started showing on your site.