Best Blogger SEO Tips for Beginners

From the launching date of Search Engine, the SEO changes a lot, Google, Bing and other major search Engines changes the criteria for better page ranking. The SEO is optimizing your site to improve visibility in the Search Engines. although lots of the variation made to change the criteria for analyzing the site quality but it is also true that the basic and most important criteria will never be changed. Some of the simple and must follow methods to improve your Search Engine Ranking is given below check and follow them one by one for better Search Engine Ranking.

Title of post and Sub-Headings:-

The post title is one of the most important factors which can generate a lot of traffic in your site try to make it catchy, short and also include the main keywords in the title; it must be relevant to the content. 
For that, we have changed the title of many of my post with more optimized keyword and i saw the result that traffic in some posts gradually increases. Sub headings along with heading are also considered important, so also try to write relevant Subheadings.  On the basis of search engine crawler, the H1 is considered as the most important heading and H6 consider as least important.

Content Quality- 

As according to SEO world ‘CONTENT IS KING’. 
Your site may not have Good search Engine ranking because of the following reason.  
Thin content- A blog or website must have at least 300 words per post but its best if the post contains about 600-2000 words. 
Duplicate content- Many people just copy and paste the text material from other website and it is consider as Duplicate content, for such sites Google either doesn't show any results in search or may penalize them.   
Monotonous Content- The boring content causes an increment in Bounce Rate and you can lose your returning visitors, so content should simple and interesting.

Backlinks to Your Site- 

Each link from other site to your site is counts as a point, but the quality of backlink to your site is based on the following criteria.
Anchor text- Anchor text that refers the link to your page is consider as the text telling crawler that what exactly the page is about.
PR of the Page- The higher the Page Rank better you get the link juice.
Do follow link- The link that refers to your site either it may be do follow link or no follow link. So you only get page juice from other site when the link is Do follow.

On Page Optimization-

Internal site linking- Linking your one post to another post with proper anchor text will increase your traffic and also reduce the bounce rate of your site.
Image alt text- The web crawler is not able to identify what an image is exactly about, so for that purpose it’s good to write alt text in images.

Structure of URL- 

The url of a post must be short and should contain important Keywords, too long or non relevant url are not consider good for SEO. So try to optimize the url according to post title.

Meta text- 

Meta text is not considered so important by search engine nowadays still it has its own influence in SEO.
Meta title- The title of the your site. 
Meta description- A short description about your site. 
Meta tags- Meta tags are the important keywords that are most frequently used in your website post.

Social Media Presence- 

Social media likes and shares are count as the quality and popularity of a website so try to maintain a good social media followers and likes. Create your site page in all the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. In another way, if you are not able to gain the sufficient traffic from the Search engine you can maintain your ranking and traffic in your site from Social Media.