How to Increase Sound on Android Phone

Thousands of smartphone models are launched every year, Many handset has Low volume even after increasing its level to fullest. Some handset are suffering from really low volume to the extent that we are not able to hear ringtone when someone is calling us in the phone. We tried to collect information about some safest method of increasing the sound of the android device. 
While we said they are safest but still these methods may harm your speaker so try these methods safely in your own risk, however the apps used to enhance sound are not harmful. Let's go further and know about the tips and tricks to enhance the sound in android phone. 

Adjust the audio setting

All the sound loudness can be managed by audio profile, under the setting there audio setting (sound setting) where you can increase or decrease the ring volume, alarm volume and media volume. It is one of the most basic and common setting to change the audacity of sound. 

Adjust the equalizer setting

Most of mp3 player in android phone comes with equalizer setting where you can adjust individual levels for different types of music, you can try the different level and set the best for yourself. equalizer also helps in changing the bass and treble of sound. 

Increase Phone Volume by Engineer Mode 

1. Go to your phone dialer and type the code for increasing volume is *#*#3646633#*#*
2. Engineer Mode will appear; swipe left to get to Hardware Testing, tap on Audio and then tap on Normal Mode.
3. Audio Mode Setting will appear 
4. Select [sph]
5. Change values:
lvl 6 = 155 from 136
lvl 5 = 140 from 124
lvl 4 = 125 from 112
lvl 3 = 110 from 100
lvl 2 = 100 from 88
lvl 1 = 86 from 76
lvl 0 = 75 from 64
6. Put the same Value for [sph2]
7. Go back to Speech Enhancement and Change Common Parameters to Normal Mode
8. Select parameter 7, and set it to 96 (was 64).
9. Select parameter 6, set to 300 (was 400)

Sound Booster Apps for Android

1. Music Volume EQ
Music Volume EQ is a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five bands Equalizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. Improve sound quality on your Android. It Features 
  • Media volume control, Five band equalizer, Bass boost effect, Virtualizer effect,  
  • 9 equalizer presets along with custom presets
  • Stereo led VU meter, Home screen widget, Lock media volume. You can download Music Volume EQ from here.
2. Speaker Boost
  • Open the application setting. 
  • Select the maximum allowed boost level option.
  • By default it is at 40.
  • Increase its level by multiple of 10 and testing the loudspeaker each time. If you hear sort of distortion in sound reduce the level a notch. You can download Speaker Boost from here.

How to boost bass in Android phone

There are lot of people love to listen music in high bass, for those people there is a very good app to enhance the bass. just go to the play store and search for "Bass booster" and download the app "Bass Booster & Equalizer" by Coocent.
You can also download the app by simply clicking here. This app is rich in features as it includes Stereo surround sound with Bass Boost effect, Five bands Equalizer and 10 preset equalizations with Customizable settings, 16 beautiful colorful Themes and many more.

Use External Bluetooth speakers

The market is filled with very portable Bluetooth speakers having very loud sound. You can play your music in Bluetooth speaker and because of smaller size you can carry them along with you. Although there are very cheap priced portable speakers are available but i will recommend good quality Best JBL Portable Bluetooth Speakers


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