What is Google Web Light How it Works?

Mobile Users and GoogleWebLight:-

Smartphone is one of the most popular technology device which is getting better, advance and widely accepted, on the basis of data collected 83.6% of the internet is accessed from the mobile device (Source - Mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide ) by most of the people worldwide and in developed countries internet speed is Good as they are using to 4G/LTE but most of the developing countries still using 2G internet connections with slow speed.
for such countries users Google introduces Google Web Light which enhances the internet speed up to 4- 5 times faster and data is reduced to 70- 90% this results into more optimized pages, these pages loads faster gives better user experience and 50 % more page views as well.
Initially, it launched in Indonesia and after that it has been launched in India and Brazil, these countries has fastest growing Smartphone market with the large user base.

How GoogleWebLight Works

Google Web Light is streamlined lite version for slow internet connection. The lite version automatically enables in Google Chrome mobile browser (only in India, Indonesia, and Brazil) when it detects that the connection is slow, actually GoogleWebLight compress page CSS, Javascript and Jquery and display the lightest possible version of web pages.

Normal Loaded Page VS GoogleWebLight Optimized Page
This is More2wish.com home page as we tested it we have noticed that without optimizing page it takes about 627.104 sec in loading page and when we use Google Web Light it takes 63.235 sec, so by this test it is clear that it loads pages many times faster.

How it affects bloggers and Publisher

  • Google analytics will be not loaded in transcoded pages so a page can load faster. you can’t accurately track your visitors in Google analytics.
  • The lite version improves the page views up to 50% 
  • A website that is using cookies can’t be transcoded while in future it may support.
  • Transcoding is created for Android smartphone but you can also use it in Computers.
  • This Transcoding doesn’t block Google ads.
  • If you have anything to say about this feature; as feedback you can mail at googleweblight@google.com.
This feature is really helpful for millions of users especially for the people residing in rural areas where only 2G spectrum is available. You can share your experience and opinion about this feature in the comment box.