How to Register a Domain for Blogspot

Why to set Custom Domain for Blogger:-

Blogger or Blogspot offers the free domain to its user with extension which is quite long and doesn’t look professional. To establish a blog with your own custom domain is better option to make a blog more relevant.
It is quite easy to set a custom domain for blogger, you can follow the given steps one by one and your custom domain will be ready to use within moments.

Benefits of having custom Domain 

  • A website having custom domain looks more professional.
  • Custom domain makes an url structure pretty.
  • Custom domains are relatively easy to remember.
  • Having email address with custom address as

Register a Domain

Registering a Domain is quite easy; Go to the domain registrar website you have to fill a registration form with your details and after that just search for a desirable available domain. 
If possible select a domain with .com extension 
But other popular domain extension are also great such as .info (For information Site), .net (Site that has network), .org (site that belongs to an organization), and specific countries domain like .uk (for United Kingdom) .us (United States of America) and .in (India)

Points to remember while buying a Domain

  • Domain name should not be too long, try to make it précised.
  • If possible insert the keyword of your niche in domain as it can be self explanatory about the site as, etc.
  • The domain name should be easy to remember for your website visitors.
After selecting domain name add it to cart and proceed for payment. You will receive an email regarding completion of your domain registration.

Now Log in with your Username and password in Domain registrar Website.
Go to the Manage domain.
Click and Open you domain setting.
Now you will find DNS Zone .
Here you have to place the value in two locations.

First in- A Records/ Host Records 
Second in- CNAME or alias records

For putting the values in CNAME

  • Just login to your blogger account. 
  • Open your blogger Setting just below the Template option
  • Click on basics.
  • Below publishing; in blog address option can be found
  • default Blogspot address here and just click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog .
  • Now type your custom address for your blog like
  • It will show an error with details of Name, Label or Host field, Destination, Target or Points To field.
  • Now you have all the text to put in the CNAME.
  • Go back to DNS Zone.
  • In Host/ Name or Label and Destination/Target or Points to paste all text material shown in blogger.
In ‘A’ record you have to create four different A-records for different Google IP’s.
Delete or edit other record and put these IP’s

Again go to the blogger and now save the domain in Third-party domain settings.
After successfully saving the domain don’t forget to check the line for Redirect to
Now you have successfully transferred your default Blogspot domain into custom domain.
Be patient your may take up to 24 hours to successfully redirect and start working.